*CLICK* - Performance for Festivals


A room. A man. Music. First fulfillment. Then confusion. Finally seduction. What does a weapon with me and my gestures; with the space and its visitors? How does a single object change our everday life?! Elements of puppetry and choreography meet in a performance with the 4kg replica of an AK-47.


Conception & Performance: Christoph Levermann

Choreography: Maria Damm

Music: Robert Huschenbett

Duration of show: ca 18 min. (no intermission)

Date of premiere: 27.4.2017



Technical Requirements:

Stage:  Width: 15m     Depth: 10m     Height: adaptable

Smooth Dance floor preferred

Set-Up Time: 2 hours (including unloading and  rehearsal)

Sound: Standard sound System (four music cues)

Lights: no special light necessary



Total number of coming people: 1 (if the festival can provide a technician, for music cues.); otherwise  2


Remarks: The performance is very flexible, concerning the place of Performance. It would be perfect, to have an electric crane hook on the ceiling for the AK-47.


Audience: 16 years and older. The audience is placed on chairs on stage around the performer; U-shape. Only the rear stage wall remains free.



Christoph Levermann
(c) Marco Prill
Christoph Levermann
(c) Marco Prill