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Christoph Levermann
Photo: Dorit Guenter

Christoph Levermann, grown up in Berlin,  collected his first theatrical experiences at the  Berlin theater  "Das Weite Theater". From 2005 to 2006 he took  acting-lessons at the studio of Christiane Kupfer. 2007 work as a stage-worker & backroundactorer at the " Berliner Ensemble".


2009 bis 2013 he studies at the  University of Dramatic Art „Ernst Busch“ Berlin in the Department of Contemporary Puppetry; Graduate: Diploma Puppeteer/ Performing Artist.


During and after the studies he carried out engagements at

Schauspiel  Cologne, Puppet Theater of Magdeburg, Theater Chemnitz

State Theater Oldenburg, Theatre of the City of Klagenfurt ,

as well as at State Opera Berlin, the Concert House Berlin, and

Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin


Smaller projects took him to the Friedrichstadt-Palace Berlin and the Thalia Theater Hamburg.


From 2014 to 2017 he was a permanent ensemble member at the Theater for Young Audience in Dresden.


2015 & 2016 Main actor in two seasons of the MEGA-Cartoon Network Show, produced for Cartoon Network

(Turner Media).


Between 2017 and 2019 several stays in Cape Town, South Africa; Teacher and apprentice at the ZIP ZAP circus school, work as  artistic employee in independent theater productions.


In the season 2018/2019 participation in the workshop "Director and Object" at the Theater Junge Generation Dresden, in which theater makers are furthered and trained as puppetry directors.


Director's debut was in the season 19/20.




Work with the following directors: Mareike Mikat, Moritz Sostmann, Ariel Doron, Aron Stiel, Ania Michaelis, Maximilian von Mayenburg, Tim Tonndorf,  Nils Zapfe, Astrid Griesbach, Melanie Sowa, Markus Joss, Matthias Jochmann, Nis Soogard, Annette Gleichmann, Magali Tosato, Jana Milena Polasek, Frank Alexander Engel, Catherine Umbdenstock, Mathias Becker, Rico Wagner, Philip Baumgarten, Lee Soo-eun, Sandra Marschner, Ulli Voland, Dennis Parchow

In smaller projects with: Christina Rast, Anna Montanja,  Maria Ursprung, Florian Gottschick, Sascha Hargesheimer, Robert Hofmann, Jan Jochymski, Jo Parkes


Training and Education at the University of Dramatic Arts "Ernst Busch" Berlin; Department for Contemporary Puppetry:



Contemporary Puppetry – Prof. Markus Joss


Animation: (Czech school) - Prof. Hartmut Lorenz


Drama (by Berthold Brecht, Konstantin Stanislawski)  -  Prof. Horst Hawemann


Speech Training– Anna Strittmatter, Margret Wübbolt, Prof. Christina Laabs


Masque/ Mime   (by Jaques Lecoq)   –   Andrea Kilian


Aikido (by Watanabe Sensei) – Prof. Martin Gruber (6.Dan)


Acrobatics - Jutta Burger


Yoga/ Kinetics -  Vera Schlenker


Theatrical Biomechanikc (by Wsewolod Meyerhold) Gennadij Bogdanov 


Contemporary Clown – Angela de Castro


Improvisation - Prof. Hans-Jochen Menzel


Puppet Manipulation- Regina Menzel


Dramaturgy / Theater History: Jörg Lehmann, Holger Kuhla


Dramaturgy for Puppetry (Czech school) - Prof. Hartmut Lorenz


Aesthetics - Jarl Kremeier 


Puppet construction– Ingo Mewes, Karin Tiefensee, Magdalena Roth


Prosody - Kerstin Hensel


Vocal Training: Prof. Hans Friedrich Ihme, Frank Becker


Body & Voice Training - Prof. Christina Laabs

Christoph Levermann
(c) Grazyna Fait

Other Courses:


Archery & Fence - Tilo Mandel


Beat Box Workshop: Sebastian Fuchs


Microphone-/ Synchronization Workshop: Andrea Aust


Clown Workshop: Jayne Batzofin (Clowns without Borders)


Body & Voice Workshop  -  Theodoros Terzopoulos


Classical Dance - Suzann Bolick


 Tap Dance - Jutta Burger


Digital Animation - Thurit Antonia Kremer


Racism and cultural practice - Josephine Apraku and Dr. Jule Bönkost IDB Institute for Non-discriminatory Education)



Selection of previous work

(For detailed view and Trailer-Show, click on the Dates)



Song of the sea

Director: Christoph Levermann

Theater Chemnitz


Outside the door

Director: Christoph Levermann

HfS "Ernst Busch" Berlin





Director: Christoph Levermann

Theater Young Audience Dresden


Marco Polo

Director: Christoph Levermann a.O.

Theater Young Audience Dresden








Director: Moritz Sostmann

Performance Art Theatre Cologne


The Wizard of OZ

Regie: Aron Stiehl

Theatre of Klagenfurt






Director: Andrico Goosen

Drostdy Teater Stellenbosh, Southafrica



Choreography: Maria Damm

Theater Young Audience Dresdenl


Boy with the suitcase

Director: Nis Soogard

Theater Young Audience Dresden




Visiting Time is over

Regie: Ariel Doron

Theater Young Audience Dresden


The Season

Director: Moritz Sostmann

Theater Young Audience Dresden


The mega, mega, mega, MEGA Cartoon Network Show

Director: Sandra Marschner

Katapult Film GmbH Berlin


The Moon Man

Director: Nils Zapfe

Theater Young Audience Dresden


Classics, all..

Director: Astrid Griesbach

Theater Young Audience Dresden





Director: Mareike Mikat

Theater Young Audience Dresden



Director : Ania Michaelis

Theater Young Audience Dresden


The three Robbers

Director: Frank Alexander Engel

Theater Young Audience Dresden


The Process

Director: Ania Michaelis

Theater Young Audience Dresden









Director: Ania Michaelis

Theater Young Audience Dresden


Fight for Troy

Director: Tim Tonndorf

State Theater Oldenburg


Jungle Book 1914

Director: Rico Wagner

Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin


I am a Cyborg and maybe it´s ok

Director: Mathias Becker

Schaubude Berlin




A sheep for Life

Director: Anette Gleichmann

Kleistforum/ Theater of Laughter  Frankfurt Oder


Where the Wild Things are

Director: Christina Rast

Thalia Theater Hamburg


King Deer

Director: Frank Alexander Engel

Puppet Theater Magdeburg


Deserted Shore, Medea Material, Landscape with Argonauts

Director: Matthias Jochmann

BAT Berlin


The Tale of the Priest and his worker Balda

Director: Melanie Sowa/ Friedrich Kirschner

Conzerthouse Berlin






The Valiant Little Tailor

Director: Maximilian von Mayenburg

State Opera Berlin


Steiff -Don´t be afraid of the dark

Director: Dennis Parchow

Film Academy Ludwigsburg


Heinz Holzer -

Advanced Fragmentaion

Director: Markus Joss

Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin


Till 2011


Day of the Wolfs

Director: Magali Tosato

BAT Berlin


Tales from the Vianna Woods

Director: Katherine Umbdenstock

Festival "Premiers Actes" France


The Lady from the day before

Director: Melanie Sowa

HfS Berlin 


Wallenstein - Triology

Director: Peter Stein

Berliner Ensemble